Authentic Purposeful Empowered Connected Aligned Whole


HOLOS is an integrative approach to well-being

derived from Greek, ὅλος "holos", means "all, whole, entire, complete"



Individual well-being focuses on the connection and expression of the mind, body, heart and intuitive instincts through behavior, lifestyle, and leadership.


Collective well-being is defined as shared purpose, sense of belong and connected values experienced in relationships, communities, and organizational cultures.


Environmental well-being supports, from the outside-in, individual and collective development through healthy systems, structures, and spaces.


------—————— OUR APPROACH

insightful, co-created, and accountable.

Coaching is a journey balanced in flow and discipline.


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Our Process:

Make a Connection

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Explore & Wake

Identify present state of individual, collective, and environmental well-being. Define aspirations, ideal vision, and goals.


Lean In & Inspire

Uncover and remove resistance to reaching your full potential. Unlock your hidden wisdom, evoke connection, and inspire transformation from the inside out.

— Step THREE

Intention & Design

Unleash the creative force within by designing a path forward aligned with your inner truth and external goals.

— Step FOUR

Embodied Change

In the last phase of our engagement, we will create systems and structures that support your development and transformation.

— Step FIVE

What to Expect

Sessions are available through audio, video, or in-person


A variety of insightful assessments are used to understand your present and desired state:

→ Whole-being Assessment

→ Energy Assessment

→ Values Assessment

→ Life Satisfaction


A typical coaching engagement will include mindful self-exploration, intentional goal setting, and strategic planning to support your personal and professional development. 


Prioritize whole-being connection


It’s time to ask:

  • What is essential for you to feel connected and present in your life and workplace?

  • How are you showing up as a leader?

  • What does it look like to invite meaningful relationships into your life?

  • How can you design structures and systems to support your well-being?

HOLOS is ready to support you.