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HOLOS offers various assessments to support your growth.


Our tools help create awareness, identify opportunities, and clarify goals.


Investment: $300



Available as part of our coaching packages or can be purchased individually.


 Whole-being Assessment

HOLOS’s whole-being assessment helps you evaluate areas you’d like to focus on for growth.


your internal being

Explore how your relationship with your mind, heart, body, and intuition may be impacting you. Lean into the connections of your inner being and establish your truth.

Expressive being

Uncover where you are holding yourself back from fully sharing who you are with the world. Discover how to align and express your inner well-being through hobbies, creative outlets, movement and lifestyle.

collective being

Assess how the dynamics of your social, family, intimate, and work relationships are affect your well-being. Peel back the layers of falsehood and develop authentic connections to those you live and work with.

Environmental being

Unpack how structures and spaces, from the outside-in, influence your growth. Whether that’s your busy calendar, daily rituals, or home and work environment, we will dive into the systems you’ve created in your life and explore how they support your goals.


 Values Assessment

Understanding your personal or professional values helps determine what and why something is important to you, and how it influences you.

Core values drive a lot of decision making — either consciously or unconsciously. Identifying and defining your values provides a conscious foundation for aligning intentions with actions.


Investment: $150

Available as part of our coaching packages or can be purchased individually.


Investment: $375


Individual, Team, or 360 Energy Leadership Index™ assessments are available as part of coaching packages or purchased individually. Contact us to review a sample report.


Energy Leadership Index™

Developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), the Energy Leadership Index™ is a powerful assessment tool that measures your energetic frame of reference — basically, how you are showing up in the world. It's an attitudinal assessment, not a personality test, which means it doesn't label you or put you in a box.

Your attitudes are subjective. which means, you have the opportunity to choose how you engage in life.

Everyone have core thoughts, feelings, and emotions for various dimensions of life. How your energy surrounds these experiences is either working for you in a productive way, or it is working against you in a destructive way.

Energy Leadership helps uncover the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your greatest potential.

Build your capacity to thrive by shifting your perspective and empowering behavior changes that improve your overall energy.


Investment: Varies


The Energy Leadership Development System is offered individually or for teams. Contact us to discuss to learn more about how to bring this program to your organization.


Energy Leadership Development System™

Coupled with iPEC's Energy Leadership Index™ assessment, the Development System is a customizable program that focuses on eight key areas for creating effective and dynamic leadership:


Building Relationships

Health & Wellness

Time Management

Emotional Intelligence

Effective Communication

Motivating & Influencing Others

Problem Solving


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