embody wholeness program


An 8-week group coaching journey toward mastering yourenergy.

are you:
  • Tired of holding yourself back and not leaning into your own power?

  • Curious about your unique purpose and gifts you are meant to share with the world?

  • Ready to unleash your authentic, passionate and whole-self?

  • Interested in designing a life that is fulfilling, awe-filled, joyful, easeful, and connects to flow?

  • Ready to create rituals and routines that provide a safe, nourishing environment and structure for you to heal, connect, and grow?

  • Ready to manifest your dreams, level up, and do epic shit?


 Through a combination of group and 1:1 coaching we will:


Explore your wholeness from the inside-out define what it means to live unapologetically you.

We will identify inner and external environments that are either supporting or sabotaging you and your goals.


Detox from the clutter and crap that clouds your best self!

We will breakdown beliefs and behaviors that are limiting you from moving forward. By replace external blocks with new high vibration routines, you will expand your capacity for growth.


Lean in and get clear on the areas you want to focus on most.

Manifest your next-level desires with confidence and passion by aligning your values with you personal vision.


Take action toward your goals knowing that you are fully supported by a powerful group of women ready to make waves.

Magnify your energy through group intentions and community connection.

Your 8-Week Journey Includes:

week 1

Exploration in whole-being living

Week 2

Understanding our inner and external energetic presentation

Week 3

Unpacking your mental models and belief systems

Week 4

Identifying emotional defaults & suppressed feeling

Week 5

1:1 coaching calls

Week 6

Connecting to your inner truth, intuition, and soul’s desire

Week 7

Creating liberating thoughts and powerful actions aligned with your truth

Week 8

Designing rituals, routines, and external structures to help you live at your highest


This program is for soulful beings that yearn to live in full expression of self:

  • Invite more self-care, self-love, worthiness

  • Increase confidence, joy, passion, pleasure, and power

  • Lean into your values and desires and set goals with soul

  • Align your head, heart, and body with your inner truth and purpose

  • Take bold, authentic action toward your dreams

  • Create a life you love


What To Expect In The Embody Wholeness Program

eight-week duration



All participants will receive a 60 minute private 1:1 coaching session with Lauren delivered in-person or video to focus your energy and get the most out of your embodiment journey.


There is nothing more powerful than connecting with like-minded individuals who are ready to support your growth! Ignite your soul with a community of inspiring & driven women ready to level-up in life.


Expect a mix of contemplative exercise, mindfulness practices, intention setting, whole-being exploration, goal setting, and inspiring accountability.


Are you ready to embody wholeness?


insights from our group coaching members:


Want to be part of a passionate and nourishing group of women leveling up in life?


join us.

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