Soulful Business Strategies

Become the creative force behind your organization’s change.


 At HOLOS, we believe that business success starts with soul.


“Soul” in business means that you as an individual, are connected to the core purpose of what your business stands for and how you are going to live it out.

It’s about knowing why you are in business, where you’re trying to go, and how you will get there.


 HOLOS works with small organizations to provide coaching and strategic direction on purpose-driven initiatives.


Our strategic focus is on helping individuals and organizations explore, clarify, and define their:


mission, vision, and values.



Simply stated, mission means your core purpose for existing. Knowing your why is the most important element in realizing your full potential.



Vision represents the future state of your organization. It provides direction and inspires focus to make progress on your goals.



Values are guiding principles and cornerstone of your organization. They shape the organization’s beliefs, behavior, voice, and culture.


These three pillars create the foundation for making critical decisions that will affect business success. Your organization’s mission, vision, and values work in harmony to unify individual actions and business initiatives with strategic goals.


We work with employees and organizations to answer powerful questions that become the driving force for your business:




What is our purpose and what do we intend to accomplish?

What does success look like?

What are our guiding principles for how we operate?


What is the purpose of my role?

How can I contribute to the overall vision?

What are my values and how do they align with the organization?


Our four-hour strategy intensives include a mix of contemplative questions, brainstorming, and planning.



→ Define organizational vision, mission, and core values
→ Align individual values with what the organization stands for
→ Identify key business areas of focus
→ Determine objectives & goals connected to your mission
→ Create a soulful strategic plan
→ Develop an accountability system


make real changes

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